Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Body Mechanics IV

Here are two brothers (Darryle and Darryl) that came to see if I would work on them, in hopes I could help increase their I.Q. Unfortunately I had to tell them that I only attempt to improve athletic ability and not academic ability.

Since we take pictures of all our clients prior to evaluating them, we decided to take a picture of them to help pacify their agitated state. Their faces immediately "lit" up and were delighted to have their photograph taken.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Body Mechanics III

I was reading Dave Campbell's Texas Football and saw the name of an old customer of mine. That customer was James Dearth of the New York Jets. God used James witness to turn my heart to the things of God. It was very inspiring to have this giant of a man, who was an incredible football player, reflecting the meekness and humility of the Lord.
I want to thank you James for your witness. Thank you for allowing God to use you as His instrument in bringing me back to Himself.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


I recently had the privilege of working on
the two time world champion Paulie Ayala.
Since I moved close to the metroplex in 1991, I have read the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Their sports section ran story after story about Paulie Ayala due to him being a hometown boy. The more I read, the bigger and meaner Paulie became in my mind.

Before I met him last Saturday I was expecting to see a monster of a man who was ready to bite nails in half and torture children. Upon meeting him, I was absolutely amazed to see that he was not only, not enormous, but rather small. In addition he was also one of the most genuinly nice, Christian men that I have ever met. On his official web site he is quoted as saying that he, "remains committed to the Lord and to being committed to his children and to other kids."
I can say that even if Body Mechanics is not able to help him, he is someone that I would like to know for a long time. This world is in need of more men like Paulie.

Thanks Paulie. I still think that you could probably bite a nail in half if you wanted though!

Thank you John Patterson for teaching me what you know.