Friday, December 12, 2008

Marilyn Laszlo Project "Finding My Name"

(Independent Feature Film)

A true story based on the life of one of America's first solo female missionaries. In 1964, Marilyn Lazlo graduated college in Chicago, only to drop off the face of the earth. She traveled to Papua New Guinea at the age of 21: an island that at that time was still considered to be in the Stone Age. Marilyn immersed herself in the culture of the Sepik tribe in order to free the village of Hanau from daily violence, famine, and disease. Once a tribe outcast, called a ghost, 30 years later Marilyn is now referred to by the Sepik Iwam people as “Apu” (mother).

Read the book "Mission Possible". Tears will roll down your cheeks as you rejoice with the tribesmen of this village when the translated Bible enters their village.

Read the book "A Is For Airstrip".