Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesdays Word of Encouragement; A post that cuts to the heart.

I dont know why I like Tim Challies so much...yes I do. He has great insight.

His post two days ago was like a dagger to my heart. Not only did he remind me of my depravity, he pointed to the fact that I am continually depraved with out His grace. It is amazing how quick I tend to forget this.

We need to thank God every day, if not every moment, that without Him, we would not even experience the common grace that all men experience much less His saving grace. It is strange how we sometimes think that the common grace that He gives is a result of the work of our own hands. When things are going good for us we tend to become our own gods and not need Him.

I know that I, like Brother Haggard, experienced an incredibly embarassing situation that not only humiliated myself but my wife as well. Though I did not engage in any drug or homosexual activity I was addicted to pornography. I prayed prior to the "exposure" of this sin, asking God to bring a change at any cost. Which He answered. I prayed this prayer as a result of reading a letter written by a member of Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth which I will post next Wednesday.

Through this letter God has sovereignly orchastrated a beautiful chorus in my life as a result of my depravity being exposed and dealt with. His loving hand was very evident during this time of being disciplined and has been guiding me throughout the last 6 and a half years since this prayer.

Thank you God.

My heart sings in delight knowing that He disciplines those whom He loves. I pray that Brother Haggards discipline will not be easy. I pray that God uses this, and I know that He will, to bring glory and honor to Himself. May our holy God and Creator continue to love His children by directing us away from our depravity through discipline and towards His holiness.

Thank God for His loving hand of discipline. May it guide us to Him when we sink into our depravity.

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