Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mission Song

King of Glory

"Oh LORD let us go throughout the earth, telling of your salvation"

Gary Brumley, the worship minister at REEDEMER in Fort Worth wrote a song called "LORD Jesus, Come" in 2002 while he was leading worship at Grace Community Church in Glen Rose, Texas.

The following song is one of my favorite worship songs of all time Click-->HERE to down load. Click HERE to listen to or visit the music where you can preview clips and order this CD.
As we traveled through the mountains of South East Asia, I prayed this song over and over, asking God to continue to remind me that my home is with Him and not HERE. I asked that I may continually be reminded that it is/was by His grace that I was/am even able to know who He is. I prayed that He would give His body, the church, the desire, strength and the joy to proclaim that He is the King of Glory among the nations।

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