Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It Was Truly A Miracle

I went on a mission trip to Acuna, Mexico this past week and was able to see many people pray to receive Christ as their Savior. However, few evidenced true conversion. I am not saying that those who prayed to receive Christ who did not show outward signs of conversion were not regenerated. I am saying that few evidenced being born again like the lady in this picture.
I walked up to this lady and her mother to share the Gospel with them and shortly after, her husband joined us. Because I do not speak Spanish I had to have an interpreter. From the start, I could tell that the Holy Spirit was working on this lady shortly after I began sharing with her. You could see that she was deeply disturbed. I presented the Gospel as clearly as possible but she did not at that point want to cry out to her Creator to be saved.
By God's providence, another interpreter came up who was in the Catholic Theology class that I was in. I knew that he would be able to answer her questions more clearly than what I could. I gave him the reins and asked him to present the Gospel to her in her own language.
He was able to answer her questions much more clearly than I. Because of this, their conversation was very "smooth". He asked her if she understood everything that she had just been taught and she answered yes. He then asked her if she understood her position before God and she said that she did. Last he asked her if she felt that God was calling her and she said tearfully said YES.
He then led her in prayer to receive the greatest Gift of all.
This picture was taken as she was praying to receive Christ as her LORD and Savior. You can see a tear rolling down her cheek if you look closely.
May God bless her all of the days of her life.
Praise God for being the Giver of life! To Him be the glory forever and ever!

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