Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is This Your Church?

"Top Ten Signs that Your Church is not Really Evangelistic."

By John Avant.

10. There is better attendance at a controversial business meeting than at any evangelism training the church has ever done.
9. The student ministry has the best concerts and trips in town but no one can remember the last time they went witnessing.
8. The senior adult group has enough energy for bus trips to Branson but not to go witness at the local nursing home.
7. It wouldn’t do much good for the pastor to preach an evangelistic message because all the people in the service on Sunday already are believers.
6. The average church member would have trouble naming five friends who are un-churched.
5. Most members get more upset about the music they don’t like than about the fact that people are going to hell.
4. There might be money in the budget somewhere that actually is devoted to reaching those not already members, but no one is quite sure where to find it.
3. The small groups and Sunday School classes are very concerned about “going deeper in the Word” although no one can remember the last time an unbeliever actually came to their group.
2. If the church was to disappear today, the average lost person in the community would not notice.
1. If the pastor does not visit in the hospital for six months he will be fired, but if he does not share Christ for six months no one will care.

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