Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Missions Dilemma

Are we doing missions the right way? This DVD series examines this incredibly complex question. Interspersed with conversations with church leaders from around the world, as well as lessons learned from living with his Waodani family in the Amazon, viewers will learn the truth of our mission efforts.

Click here to purchase the Missions Dilemma DVD series from the I-Tec store.


GuyMuse said...

Thanks for the head's up on Steve Saint's DVD series. Looks interesting. I grew up with Steve and his brother there in Quito, Ecuador where we went to school together. It has been neat seeing how God continues to use him to impact global missions.

GuyMuse said...

BTW--I used your Marilyn Laszlo material for a blog post earlier this week. Check it out

mi familia said...

You are welcome amigo. I figured that you knew Steve but wasnt aware that you had gone to school with him. That is neat. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy who loves the Lord. I hope to meet him some day and tell him 'thank you' for his ministry.
Marilyn Laszlo's book was awesome. Have you read it?