Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fact-You are God

I just listened to a 9-1-1 call from a caller who was stuck on the 105th or tower two in the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001.

My heart ached and everything went numb when I heard the end of the call. The last three words this man said were "Oh God...God!"....silence........

I dont know if this man was a Christian or not. What I do know is that the response of this gentleman when the building began to collapse was to cry out to a Soveriegn Creator with his last breath.

I dont believe that it was a cry for help. I dont believe that is was a cry for mercy. In that very instant of realization of what was taking place, I believe that this gentlmans cry "Oh God...God!", was a cry of Fact.

Please do not ask me to explain what I mean because Im not sure that I know. The best that I can do, is to say that that man, believer or not, upon realization that his end had come, verbally/emotionally expressed that he understood that there is a Sovereign Creator. He cried out Fact.

The anniversary of this horrific tragedy is almost upon on us. Please pray for the surviving family of this man. Also pray for all the unbelievers who have heard and will hear this 9-1-1 call as well as other 9/11 stories. Ask the Lord to reveal Himself so that they may know our One True Sovereign Creator.


JoeBum said...

uhm, declaring fact upon death...

sounds noble, but i dont know why you would what to say that. i would compare with him saying "oh god, god..."

i think the same thing, expressively would have been..."oh crap, crap..."

the words oh crap, God, shit, jesus, damn, etc have been words of exclamation in our culture meaningless beyond verbal pain or grief. when i hit my toe and say crap, im not referring to stool, but expressing in language my pain.

he's was probably doing the same, but who knows, maybe he was a christian, muslim, jew, etc crying out to his creator- only she knows :)

Holiday At The Sea said...


until i figure out how to delete comments i would appreciate it if you would take the color out of your language. if you feel the need to use such language i ask that you do as the generation before us and show great respect toward your audience by using characters such as these %$#!&!!

thank you for your understanding.


Holiday At The Sea said...


you missed my point.

he may have been a jew, muslim etc...and cried out to the one that he understood as his creator.
i dont know.

my point was, there is only One Creator and it APPEARED that this man at least mentaly understood such and cried out "Oh God...God...".

which IS fact.

JoeBum said...

and you missed my point. some words are used as expression. it sounds liek you were putting words in his mouth, that's all.

i don't understand why you would want to run from colorful language. i feel that's a problem with many christians. they get friends (really not friends, but potential conversions) with colorful language, and instead of actually listening to what they say, they write them off, b/c their language is colorful. would you rather me say bullecks?

Holiday At The Sea said...


I got your point. I guess that I should have clarified my intent on the original post a little better. Sorry.

To begin with, you are not an unbeliever. You proclaim to be a
believer. The logic that you use in using offensive language as a
means to connect with an unbeliever does not hold here. I am not an unbeliever. I am a believer.

I am not running from colorful language. I am offended by
reckless colorful language spoken by believers. I believe that it
is a problem with many who proclaim Christ. I believe that they think that it is ok to continue to live the life style that they once lived and not desire sanctification.

I believe that it is evidence of bad fruit. I believe that God called us to be image bearers and that offensive language makes for an extremely poor reflection of Him.

My heart hurts every time that I let a foul word slip out of my mouth. Not because I am being legalistic but because I believe that it is offensive first and foremost to my God Almighty. I believe that He spilled His blood for me to atone for my sins. I firmly believe that when my reflection is a poor one, it is due to sin. One day my reflection will be perfect because I will be perfectly worshipping my Creator face to face. The only
thing that will be coming out of my mouth at that time will be
praise and adoration…not vile language.

Proverbs states “A wise man's heart guides his mouth, and his
lips promote instruction.”

In using your logic, as far as outreach and foul language are
concerned, I don’t plan on outreaching to Jeffrey Dahmer by
inviting a few of my most lean friends over “for lunch” so that He can feel comfortable while I present the Gospel. The Gospel was not intended to be comfortable. It is offensive to those who do not know Him.

Joe I appreciate your input. As my guest I ask and expect you to
submit to my request.

We are off topic. Lets agree to guide this back to the original
post. :)

Thanks! May God smile on you and abundantly bless you with joy in Him.

If you desire to say “bullecks” (what ever that is), feel free.


JoeBum said...

i don't feel though that i misused the language, but i do apologize for offending you. we should get together and talk about this, mostly b/c i don't believe that some words that our taboo in our culture are sinful. i know you don't see it that way, but i don;t see it your way either.

in the end, i'm sorry to have offended you, I usually reserve language for other christians who agree with me, those who don't care, unbelievers (sometimes), and mature believers who i think it may get them to think, but mostly, the people who i think it will get to thinking just does what it did to you, and kills the conversation. my bad.

Holiday At The Sea said...


i appreciate you cheerfully submitting to my request. :)
sounds like the makings of a new post to me.