Thursday, August 10, 2006

Life working at the Bureau!

This is hilarious!

To give a little background on who these people are, Jack Lilly is a good old boy who is a REAL HOOT. The man writing this is my district sales mngr. The man, Robert Lunn, is also a district sales manager.

I have changed the names of those involved and the county mentioned to protect the identities of all involved.


Everyone; For those who do not know, Jack Lilly had an interview with the xxxx Board last week concerning the possibility of Jack becoming their next agency manager.

Jack being the positive person that he can be, was going to look at real estate after the meeting, eventhough his wife was out of town on family concerns.

This had Jack with a problem, it was just too hot for him to leave his dog in Waco, so he took his dog to xxxx county (this is the same dog that came to our district meeting last September), Jack felt he could keep his dog under the desk during the interview process. Jack knew you could not let his dog stay in the heat, for these types of dogs are very sensitive to heat. During the interview process, just when the questions were becoming very difficult. The dog had a serious bowel problem which made a odor in the room, which forced Jack to either admit he had an accident in his britches or he brought his dog to the Board Meeting.

At this point, the dog leaps from under the desk and goes straight to Robert Lunn and tears a hole in his new dress slacks. As it turned out, this was very comical to everyone in the room except Jack and Rober.

After, the board gained their composure, they instantly voted to make Jack the next Agency Manager because of their love for his dog. So, once again, the old saying is true. Man`s best friend is his dog. Some of this message may not be exactly true, but this is true, Jack Lilly is now the Agency Manager in xxxxx county. Congratulations to Jack!!!!!!! Hopefully he will bring his dog to one more district meeting. Again, we all are very proud of Jack and his dog!!!!!!!!

Tom Starter

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very funny!