Monday, February 04, 2008

Are We Telling People To Go To Hell?

I am currently reading "the unchurched next door" by Thom S. Rainer, dean at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
At the end of chapter 2 he tells a story about a lady named Deanna who had recently accepted Christ and signed up for a Bible study in her neighborhood. When she arrived she was surprised to see people that she knew there, and began asking them if they were Christians. They all responded that they were.
Deanna became very upset with these so called Christians because they had never shared Jesus with her. She told them that they might as well have told me to go to hell, because that's what their silence said.
Are we telling people to go to hell?
I can say that I love to proclaim the name of Christ and that I do so often. However, sadly, I have to admit that it appears that I too am telling my neighbors to go to hell. I have not told a single one about Christ . . . In fact, I have only talked to our neighbors who live directly across the street.
John Piper encourages us to spend our lives working to make Christ known and to live as if He is our Treasure. He challenges us to show that Christ is our Treasure by the way we spend our time. So how do we spend our time at home? In front ot the television? In front of the computer?
If Christ is our Treasure we should live like it and share our Treasure with all.

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Ched said...

This is a good word, and a good reminder.