Friday, February 08, 2008

I Tend To Love My Theology More Than God.

Unfortunately the battle between Calvinism and Arminianism results in severe immaturity, as displayed above. Yes, with great remorse, being one who holds the Doctrines of Grace dear, I have fit the illustration above . . . to a "T". I too, have acted just as obnoxious as "Art the Arminian".
I understand the Calvinist position. I am able to see God's sovereignty painted from Genesis to Revelation. I struggle with understanding how anyone could argue against it. In doing so, in the past, I often acted in a condescending manner, mauling any reflection of our Lord and Savior, that may have been able to be seen.
Paul, who I believe preciously held the Doctrines of Grace, was able to see that filling our minds with knowledge, often results in sinful actions. Like any other form of glutony; it often becomes idolatry of the mind. We Calvinists have the tendancy to deem ourselves spiritually superiour, claiming we know and understand the Scriptures better than our Arminian brothers. And usually it is true. Often times we do know Scriprute better than their counter part. However, for many Calvinists, we certainly do not understand Scripture better.
I believe that most Arminian brothers, who are not engaged in this debate between these two theological positions, understand exactly what God's intention for His people is. They understand that His intention is for us to love one another deeply and to build one another up. I think it is safe to say that brothers who do this, are known by God.
Lord, please give me a humble heart; a heart that desires to bow before You; a heart that desires to be obedient to your will; a heart that loves my brothers and sisters. Lord give me a deep love and a desire to build up Your body. Make me a light that shines in the darkness displaying Your great Name. Keep me from detracting from the radiance of Your beauty.

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