Friday, May 16, 2008

Spiritual Suicide

Oh God, please save us from ourselves. Sin so easily wraps its tentacles around our hearts, entangling them, trying to make us stumble and ultimately fall. As men, Lord, we desperately battle lust. Our hearts are being inclined to replace You with wicked, evil sexual desires. None of us are safe. Lord please don't allow us to ever think that we are safe from the snares of this death. May we always be ready for battle. May are hearts stay pure. May we desire You and You alone.
Father, we are no diffrent than men like Ted Haggard or Joe Barron. May we never forget that. Dear Lord I lift brother Barron up to You, pleading that you would have mercy on him. May he repent of this horrible sin. May he not be shunned by the body that he serves. May the leaders of the church as well as the body come along beside him, desiring to not only hold him accountable but to hold him. May you bring a revival to this congregation. May the sin of many be exposed as a result of what has happened. May many come forth asking for help and pleading for forgiveness.
Father, I ask that you help his wife through this incredibly humiliating time. May her desire for her husband not leave. May she reflect the mercy that You had on us all. May she not give him what he deserves. May she not treat him how I am sure that I would if I were her. Lord, give her compassion for him. Heal her heart. May she run to You, her Strong Tower. Please Father reconcile this relationship.
You Father are our Unshakeable Rock. Your hand firmly grasps us and will never let go. You are a God worthy of our worship, a God who did not deserve the scorn, the shame and the hatred that we all have all shown You. We do not deserve our next breath. We do not deserve our next heart beat. We do not deserve You. We deserve to all be thrown into the pits of hell, utterly seperated from You for eternity. May we always be mindful of this.
Because You are a God who loves and a God who forgives, our iniquities will never seperate us from You. Great is Your faithfulness never letting your Great Name be forgotten.
Please forgive us of our iniquities. Cleanse our hearts. May we desire to confess our offenses, our self murderous inclinations to You. May we see that sexual sin is nothing more than spiritual suicide.
Please forgive us.

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