Monday, May 12, 2008

Quotes From The Earthquake In China

"Not one minute can be wasted," Wen said, state television showed. "One minute, one second could mean a child's life."

"Time is life," said an official announcement from the Communist Party Standing Committee, according to the Xinhua news agency. "Make fighting the earthquake and rescue work the current top task."

"Even if it means walking in, we must enter the worst-hit areas as quickly as possible," Wen said, according to Xinhua.


LORD, may the officials in China see the desperate condition of the people in their great country.

May they see the lives that are perishing all around them as already dead.

May they see beyond the physical death that abounds around them.

May they see the lives of those who are saving the hurt and the lives of those who are pulling the dead from the rubble, as spiritually dead.

May the words that come out of their mouths not be words that are just concerned for the physical condition of their own, but for the spiritual condition most of all.

And may they desire to march into, and across that great nation, proclaiming His name among those who are perishing.

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