Monday, October 23, 2006

A Really Cool Find

Before I begin I would like to describe the area where I live. I live in Glen Rose, which is the county seat for Somervell county. Glen Rose is famous for the Dinosaur State Park which is a only few miles from town and is located on the Paluxy River.

I was walking with a friend of mine down a dry creek bed here in Somervell county (keep in mind that the creek beds here in Somerville county are usually solid rock) and found...this is not a joke.....a stick that was impressed into the creekbed. The rock apparently was at one time mud which hardened into solid rock. The stick however was not petrified. It looked like one long piece of charcoal.

If you know anyone who is a creation scientist or the like, please ask them to respond to this post and I will be glad to direct them to this stick.

I have already emailed and left a voice mail with several creation scientists but have not heard back from them. So tell your freinds to hurry if they are interested.

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