Monday, October 09, 2006

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Don't Mess With Texas!

In 1969 Led Zepplin recorded their concert at the International Pop Festival. The title of this concert and album was "Don't Mess With Texas".

Below is a list of songs that were on that album with comments on how each song was prophetic.

Don't Mess With Texas
Label: Oh Boy-...not again! What the OU fans were saying at 5:38 p.m
International Pop Festival-Yes this WAS a Pop Festival...a pop in the mouth festival!!
Disc Times: 62min-actually it was 60 minutes of football...2 minutes were of Coach Stoops whining about replays.

Track Title
1 Sweet Baby (A song dedicated to Coach Stoopes)
2 I Can't Quit You Baby (What the Sooners were thinking Sunday morning)
3 Dazed And Confused (How the Sooners felt Saturday evening)
4 You Shook Me (What A.D. was saying about the D line of the Horns)

5 How Many More Times (What the Sooner fans were saying Saturday evening)
6 Bye Bye Baby (What the Longhorns said to Coach Stoops Saturday evening)
7 Communication Breakdown (What the Sooner coaching staff was saying Saturday evening)

Now that I have gotten a laugh (at least from myself) out of this at the expense of Stoops and Co., I would like to say that I really do like and respect Coach Stoops. Contrary to popular opinion, he IS a man of integrity. If I were a college coach he IS THE coach that I would want to coach under.
I also would like to state that I respect the O.U. players. After all they ARE almost ALL Texas boys...I can't disown them just because they made a bad decision to move North of the border.

Even Willie recomends this album!!!

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