Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Heart Breaker

Man sells son to save his wife
(中国日报) A man was looking for buyers to sell his six-year old son to fund his wife’s kidney failure treatment in Zhuhai Square, Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong Province on October 24, wrote the Guangzhou Daily Wednesday.

“If my wife passes away, she will never come back, but we can bring back my son,” Gao Duqiang told the Guangzhou Daily yesterday.

Gao supports his family as a motorcycle driver. His wife Pan Jinlian used to work in a curtain factory before she became too sick to go on.

In another stroke of bad luck, all the family’s belongings were washed away in a flood submerged their hometown. They reached the provincial city to look for help on Tuesday.

“I know it’s against the law to sell my son, but I have no choice,” Gao said. “I will work very hard to bring my son back as soon as my wife is better,” he said.

Gao’s son Tao hid behind his mother when the reporter took pictures. He said ‘thanks’ to every passerby who sympathetically gave money.

Tao stared down to the ground, nodded, and forced a smile when asked if he knew of his father’s plan.

Imagine the hopelessness and despair that this family as well as millions of others face everyday. Lets pray that this family will come to know the hope that we have. May that taste and see that the LORD is good and to savor Him. Then may their hearts leap with joy at the new found Treasure that has been given to them desiring that the world share in their joy.

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