Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday Word of Encouragement-Noel Devine

Check out this clip. The run that this young man made at the 1:10 and the 2:50 mark will make your jaw drop...Im sure that Mack Brown is in tears knowing that he doesnt have a prayer at getting him to wear burnt orange.

Noel Devine

Not only has The University of Florida gotten a late Christmas present, it appears that they will be singing a divine yuletide carol again if they sign the highly talented Noel Devine. In a recent Army All Star game, Mr Devine busted an 87 yard kick off return.

However they may quickly turn their thankful praises to songs of sorrow. It appears that Mr Devine is no stranger to problems...On second thought my Wednesdays words of encouragement is for Mack Daddy, "WAY TO GO MACK! WE DONT NEED ANYMORE ROMANCE TAYLORS!" HOOK EM HORNS!

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