Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh LORD, please save these children

"Oh LORD, may You open wide our hearts to the children of the red light districts all over the world. May our hearts ache knowing that these children live in physical, moral and spiritual filth and in resonse may our hearts continuously cry out to You. May you give relief to the physical filth that drenches their every waking moment. LORD may you destroy the vileness that impregnates these childrens entire world. Father and most of all may you comfort the spiritual ache that permeates their souls by healing their darkened hearts."

I was in Blockbuster New Years night picking out a movie so that my wife and I could bring in the New Year as wild party animals. I ended up picking "Beyond the Gates of Splendor" (what a GREAT documentary) and almost picked the movie, "
Born Into Brothels" but didnt.
Monday morning I took a visit over at
Colossiansthreesixteen and a young lady voted "Born into Brothels" as her favorite movie of the year...Needless to say, Monday night my wife and I watched it.

What a heartbreaking movie.

It has been said that real men dont cry. If that is the case, then as my son once said when he was 2 after taking a big gulp of Coca Cola, "Daddy that made my eyes sweat!", my eyes did a lot of sweating during this movie.

GO get this movie and watch it. Oh ya, make sure that you have plenty of Kleenex so that you can wipe the sweat off of your cheeks.

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Vanna said...

You write very well.