Monday, December 11, 2006

Mission Monday

The following prayer request was sent out by the I.M.B.s Prayer Office

ZIGUA OF TANZANIA (zee-GOO-ah). The Zigua Team writes: “The group of evangelists/pastors had just gone over their testimonies and a 10-minute ‘Creation to Christ’ presentation at the seminar when a man entered the group. No one knew him, which was unusual in this small village. As he introduced himself, he said that he had watched the movie we had shown the night before and God had spoken to him. He wanted to know more. So immediately the men began sharing what they had just practiced. The man asked Jesus to come into his life. He said that he was only passing through the village, visiting his relative, when he was attracted to the movie. All the leaders were amazed at how the Lord had worked to bring this man to Himself through them, even as they were learning to witness! Please pray for this new believer as he returns to his home. Ask that he will continue to grow in the Lord and that his life will be a testimony to his family and friends. Pray that these pastors and evangelists will take advantage of all the opportunities the Lord gives them to share the Good News.”

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