Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wednesdays Word-My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys...They Still Are It Seems

Today I was reminded why the Cowboys have always been my heros. Ever since Roger Staubach threw the "Hail Mary" to Drew Pearson to beat the Minnesota Vikings I have been a Cowboys fan (ESPECIALLY during the Landry years).

In 1974 I got my first Dallas Cowboys team poster. McDonalds put out a team poster from 1974-1984 and my cousin and I memorized every Dallas Cowboy player during that time.

As a result of memorizing who wore what number, I can still recall many of the players names and numbers. Since number 20 was one of my favorite numbers, Ron Springs naturally became one of my favorite players. I will never forget Everson Walls rookie season. Though he was an undrafted free agent out of the great Grambling in La., he led the NFL in interceptions. His amazing rookie season unfortunatly ended with "The Catch".

These two men were and are pure class. I dont know if either of them know Christ or not. I do know that number "24" has displayed what it means to consider others above himself and to love his neighbor as himself.

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