Monday, December 25, 2006

My new HERO

OK, OK I admit it. I am a closet Sooner fan. Now that I got that off my chest, as Ricky Ricardo would say, I "got some esplainin' to do".

Coach Stoops is Da Man. He became one of my heros in 2000 after reading an article that told how he made sure that his coaches put their families above The Sooner Machine. He also does not allow his coaches to work on Sundays until the evening in case any of his coaches want to attend church. At that point I officially became an Oklahoma Sooner fan.

Today, some six years later, I read an article about another Sooner who is a starter on this years Big 12 Championship team. The next game that he will start will be in this years Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on New Years day against Boise State. This will be the last game game of his career, not because he is a Senior and will be graduating. Nor is it because he is foregoing his Senior year in order to enter the NFL draft. This young man is a Junior who still has a year of elegibility left and is giving up that last year of elegibility in order to raise his little brother.
If that doesnt make you want to don a sooner baseball cap then nothing will.

I read
this article in the Fort Worth Star Telelgrams sport section today and had to share it with you all. It is worth the time to read it.

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